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I began listening to scanners when I was very young.   After many years of listening to the local PD and FD, I started to listen to the local Repeater Systems.  This sparked my interest, because these people were just like me, just wanting to talk and explore the hobby.  I got my first rig (a Yaesu FT-5100) for Christmas from my wife.  I had spent many weeks studying for the No-Code Tech Class License Exam.  Finally in 1994, I took and passed the test.  I began talking right away to friends that I met at the local Ham Fest where I got licensed.

A close friend helped me to get a few more pieces of equipment, including a very well preserved Heathkit SB-303, which I still own and use for monitoring several of the High Frequency bands.  This got me listening to Morse Code and again I started studying for more tests.  I got my General in 1995.  Friends loaned me a transmitter and I began making contacts all over the US.  It wasn't until I bought my next rig (a Yaesu FT-840) that things really started to happen.  I studied even more and took the Advanced Class test and passed.  I joined a few clubs such as the OMISS Net (#3533), FISTS CW (#7810), 10-10 International (#72913), The Geratol Net (#2293), DXCC (#32,967) and began working more and more states and countries.

I am now an Extra Class Operator, and will most likely keep my call.  I have grown use to it and besides, I also have my call on my license plates on my car.


I just purchased the Yaesu FT-920 Transceiver.  It is used, but I know AI9L took great care of this rig.  Since I got the rig, I have made many new contacts.  It has a much better receiver section the my original FT-840.  I know that I will enjoy this rig for many years to come.


Things have really slowed me down with my radio hobby, the economy has changed my priorities and I am working more and more these days just to keep my family intact.  This does not allow me as much time as before for radio work, hamfests and my ham friends.  As usual, if you don't use it, you can lose it.  I am having problems with antennas as well as rotators and such.  I need to take the time to get this back operational for when I do get the time again.