Here are a few pictures of my shack.

As I change, modify or add things, I will post them here.


My New Tower and Antennas


I have just increased my tower height from 30' to 50' and added a few more antenna's.  I have an Comet GP-9 2M/70CM vertical at the top, just below that is the Cushcraft 719B 432 beam orientated horizontally for SSB, below that is the Cushcraft 13B2 144 beam orientated horizontally for SSB, below that a Cushcraft D3W for 12-17-30 and at the bottom is the Cushcraft A4 Tri-Bander for 10-15-20 with the 40M add-on.  These are all spun by the Yaesu 450G rotator.  My two brother-in-law's Frank and Bernie (whom are non-hams) came over to help me stand up the assembled tower and antenna's.  We found that we could not lift the tower into place without some help, so after fashioning a couple of slotted blocks of wood to the peaks of my roof, we used Bernie's pickup truck to raise the new system.  This worked out great!


My Station

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